Everett Mann is a Songwriter, Musician, Composer and Vocalist with more than 30 years experience as a musical artist. He provides Professional Songwriting & Music Creation for individuals and businesses through his own company, Everett Mann Music.
Everett writes and produces his music at his project studio in West Palm Beach, Florida using the latest in recording and audio technology.

Everett started his music career in the mid 80's as lead guitarist and vocalist for a handful of original rock bands in Western Massachusetts.

"Even then writing original music was the primary focus and has always come very naturally for me. Whether it's guitar or any other instrument, as soon as I play or hear a melody I begin hearing counter melodies and the writing process starts to flow."

Some of the music written by Everett for one of his early bands was used as background music for a few video games published in the 90's.

"The songs we played in that band that ended up published were some of the first songs I ever wrote."

Everett has also done some behind the scenes work for the show "Video Games Live" a world tour concert event featuring music from the most popular video games of all time.

It was a natural progression for Everett to begin moving beyond playing just rock music. Taking a step back from performing and bands, Everett spent several years studying and exploring classical and acoustic guitar. Then came the computers.

"The power and versatility of software based music tools has allowed me to explore and record many different genre's of music and the possibilities are endless."

With a clear passion for a wide range of styles becoming a songwriter & music composer was a perfect fit. After building a project studio for professional sound production Everett now offers a variety of music services to individuals and companies worldwide.